Every success starts with a great story. Owner and principal writer, Stephanie Roman, founded New Roman Creative to offer high-quality brand storytelling and copywriting services to companies and individuals.

Inspired by the epic storytellers of ancient Rome, we create content that endures.


Ciao from Stephanie!

A published short fiction author and Classical culture enthusiast, Stephanie Roman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and worked as a Senior Copywriter for an advertising agency before launching New Roman Creative. With a passion for storytelling and a decade of professional copywriting, advertising, and fundraising experience, Stephanie writes epic stories for clients large and small.


Our Values

Your message is essential for building a business, a personal brand – or even an empire. (Hail, Caesar!)

We're here to help write your story. And make it epic.

Inspired by worthy wordsmiths like Cato, Seneca, and Cicero, New Roman Creative operates with respect to ancient Roman values that include:

Fides - trust, good faith, reliability, credibility

Pietas - Roman attitude of respect requiring the maintenance of relationships in a moral and dutiful way

Disciplina - as related to ongoing education, training, and self-discipline

Constantia - steadiness or perseverance in nature

We believe that epic writing requires high standards, but don't take our word for it. Click here to see what our clients have to say…